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Welcome to Resiclean

RESICLEAN stems from the growing need to have in our region a company capable of providing specialized solutions in waste collection, transportation and final disposal, serving our region’s healthcare, industrial, maritime and other product and service sectors.

Our main objective is to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, along with protecting public health and contributing to the care of the environment.

Infectious Waste

Expired Pharmaceuticals and Products

Pet Cremation

Maritime Division

Confidential Documents

Hazardous Substances and Waste

Our services

We offer integral solutions to the healthcare sector with our attention specifically focused on large and small generators of medical waste. In addition, we have other services that cater to the veterinary and maritime sectors.

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Medical division

Removal, Transport, Treatment and Final disposal of Medical Waste.

Sales of medical waste supplies.

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Maritime Division

Removal, Transport, Treatment and final disposal of organic and inorganic waste from ships.

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General services

Destruction of confidential private and public documents.